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Accu-Chek Active meter

Accu-Chek Active meter
Accu-Chek Active meter
Accu-Chek Active meter
Accu-Chek Active meter
Accu-Chek Active meter

With the new meter  Accu-Chek® Active you see numbers, you can count on:

Easy handling

Intuitive handling just two buttons
       Easy-to-read display, now bigger
Flexible in- or -out-meter blood application for comfortable glucose testing
No coding

Safety features

Easy visual double check to ensure correct measurement
The underdose detection and 10 seconds re-douse option allows you to apply additional blood, if the amount is insufficient
* Accu-Chek Active product evaluation report. Data on file 2014

Clever functionality

       Visual and audio postprandial reminder reminds you to test two hours after eating
Pre- and Post - meal flagging to differentiate glucose levels measured before and after meal 
View an average of your test results from the last  7, 14, 30, or now  90 days

Accurate numbers

The Accu-Chek Active (bGM) system delivers accurate results that meet internationally recognized standards DIN EN ISO 15197: 2013

Interface for connection with computer
The numbers from Chek Active meter may be analyzed with computer, via the free software Accu-Chek SmartPix. All you need to connect it is mini USB cable.

No additional payment from health insurance fund

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